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We scale tech businesses with AI-powered performance marketing

Close more clients, drive more revenue and 10x your business with Piccolo.


We Understand Your Struggle

Missed Opportunities

Undiscovered channels and markets, limiting your reach and potential for customer acquisition.

Wasted Budgets

Inefficient budget allocation drains your financial performance and hinders growth.

Limited Marketing ROI

Poorly performing campaigns leave money on the table, producing disappointing returns.


The next level has never been closer.


AI-empowered Performance Marketing

Every dollar spent drives massive growth.

With our advanced AI tools, you will be able to have crystal-clear insights into what works and what doesn't.


Scaling Strategies

Reveal untapped markets and high-performing channels. From x to 100x, you will able to boost the growth of your company. 

With our developed proprietary AI software, it will bring together a single dashboard where all your real-time data can allow you to generate real-time graphs.

AI tailored to You


Key Benefits

Achieve better results, scale your campaigns and 10x your growth through Piccolo.

Sustainable and Rapid Growth

Discover new strategies, channels and ways to reach your potential clients in a more efficient way.

Strategic Discovery

Thanks to our proprietary software Lookinglass, you’ll have access to real-time reporting on your campaigns and sales data.

AI Real-time Reporting

About us

We are not here only to manage campaigns or allocate budget. We are here to scale your business from 1 to 100. That encompasses not just marketing strategy and Google/Meta campaigns, but covers areas such as: hiring, channel and logistics and sales.

A growth partner

We developed a proprietary AI software, Lookinglass, in order to have a real-time, interactive reporting on the state of your marketing campaigns. This is the secret fuel to make you scale.

AI + Marketing = Scaling, Scaling, Scaling

Unlike other marketing agencies, we won’t want to be with your forever. After helping you build up your strategies, we will construct a team of your own. When the time comes, you will be the one flying up high.

Beyond an agency approach

Our Creative Founders.

Our founders come from a diversified, international background that includes performance marketing, data science and venture capital.

Alessandro Botteon


Ex Google, where he accelerated dozens of companies through performance marketing and venture strategies, Alessandro is the founder and chief creative officer for the company. Piccolo is his second company.

Ryan Weihsin

Head of Digital Marketing

Ex Booster Box, where he worked daily with mid and large advertisers in crafting their performance marketing strategy, Ryan is now heading our performance marketing team.

Sina Lessani Bahri

Head of Analytics

Ex and Smartfab, Sina head our Artificial Intelligence division, that serves as the technological layer to understand our clients' services and tailor their strategies.

Piccolo helped us transition our entire business model and venture into a new growth-driven phase for our company. Our cost per acquisition decreased over 2x since we started working together, while ROAS went from 0.8 to 3.5.

Enrico T.

Piccolo helped us scale our book-marketing strategy and turn a profit on it in less than 3 months. Highly recommended!

Leonardo M.

Piccolo helped our production company get the new film out there and increase its awareness tenfold in a matter of weeks.

Tommaso S.

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